Oral Cancer Screening


​Often forgotten, but one of the most important services we offer.

Why do I need an oral cancer screening?

Although it is very rare to find cancer in the mouth, it is something we want to catch as early as possible. During all of our examinations we screen our patients visually and with a VELscope for any signs of oral cancer.

Common areas to find oral cancer:

  • the roof of your mouth
  • the sides of your tongue
  • the floor of your mouth
  • on your gums

What is a VELscope?

It is a specialized device that emits a safe blue light that allows us to see changes in tissue fluorescence which may be an indicator of abnormal tissue growth.

What happens if we see something suspicious?

If we notice something suspicious both visually and on the VELscope, we will refer you to the appropriate healthcare specialist for an assessment and potential biopsy.