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Patient Resources

Patient Resources


We are excited to meet you on your first visit! Learn what to expect during your first visit and book an appointment.


To keep it simple, we follow the recommendations from the Alberta Dental
Association and College, as suggested in their 2023 Alberta Dental Fee Guide.


Do you follow the 2023 Alberta Dental Association Fee Guide?

Yes we do! Details of the costs of common procedures, as well as a link to the Alberta Dental Association fee guide, are available on our fees page.

Is Glenbrook Dental open evenings and weekends?

Yes! We are open until 6pm on Tuesdays, 8pm on Wednesdays and 7pm on Thursdays. We are also open 2 Saturdays a month for your convenience!

How often should I visit the dentist?

We recommend you visit us regularly, at least every 6 months, for your maintenance check-ups and cleanings. This is very important in maintaining a healthy oral cavity. Some patients we will recommend seeing more frequently on 3-4 month intervals if there is active gum disease present. Your doctors and Hygienist at Glenbrook Dental will be able to determine how frequently we should be ideally seeing you based on your individual needs.

I am having pain in my teeth! Is this an emergency? What should I do?

Dental pain is no laughing matter. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong! We will be happy to see you ASAP to help resolve your dental emergency. Call us right away at (587) 483-9900!


You have the option to pre-fill out your general and medical information online before arriving for your appointment.

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