Root Canals


If your tooth is in pain, you may require a root canal in order to save it.

What is a Root Canal?

When the nerve inside a tooth becomes damaged, irritated, or dies, we need to remove it and sterilize the inside of the tooth.

Reasons why you many need a root canal:

  • Large cavities
  • Trauma or Injury to a tooth
  • Fracture of a tooth
Some of the instruments required to carry out root canal therapy at Glenbrook Dental

Why do they hurt so much?

We are sure at some point someone has told you how painful a root canal is which leads a lot of people to be apprehensive about getting one done.

The main reasons for this is due to ineffective anesthesia during the procedure. Due to the present infection or an irritated nerve, the body does not respond as well as it typically would to local anesthetics.

At our office we will always ensure that our patients are comfortable during these procedures and will administer additional anesthesia if needed.

Will I be in pain after a root canal?

Each patient heals at a different rate and as such the time it takes to recover after root canal therapy varies significantly as well. Most patients will not experience any discomfort following root canal treatment. Some may experience some dull achiness for a few days or weeks. In rare instances, some patients may take months for the achiness to die down completely especially if the tooth was severely infected prior to treatment.

Do not fear! We will be present every step of the way in your recovery. If required we will bring you in for multiple post-op visits to monitor your healing and recovery. Just remember we are just a phone call or email away!