Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

They aren’t making you any wiser, so do you need to keep them?

We are sure you have encountered someone in your life who has had their wisdom teeth removed. Not everyone develops wisdom teeth and not every wisdom tooth needs to be removed.

Top 5 reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed

  1. Insufficient space for them to grow in
  2. They cause pain as they are trying to erupt
  3. They are angled in a way that increases the risk of gum infection or damage to adjacent teeth
  4. They develop cavities
  5. They are positioned in a way that makes cleaning difficult
A x-ray taken by Glenbrook Dental staff showing the soon-to-erupt wisdom teeth of a patient

Best Time to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Reasons to Extract Wisdom Teeth Earlier in Life

  • Smaller teeth – Wisdom teeth are typical less developed and therefore smaller and thus less traumatic to remove
  • Better Healing – Younger patients tend to be healthier and heal much faster
  • Bone Density – The bone is less “firm” in younger patients making teeth easier to remove

The removal of wisdom teeth requires careful examination and preparation. At Glenbrook Dental, we will assess each case individually and give our patients our best recommendations for their wellbeing, which may include being referred to see one of our trusted oral surgeon specialists.

​To find out more details about having your wisdom teeth removed, feel free to contact us via email or phone or book in with one of our doctors for an examination so that we may better discuss how to manage your wisdom teeth.

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