How Regular Dental Checkups Can Help You Save Money

When you take care of your teeth and gums, it’s like investing in your future.

How can going to the dentist save you money? With expenses like utility bills, car payments, and monthly mortgage fees, you may think about foregoing your regular dental checkups. When you take care of your teeth and gums, it’s like investing in your future. Maintaining your oral health can help you avoid costly treatments and potential health concerns resulting in affordable dental.

How Does Dental Health Affect Overall Health?

Your dental health affects your overall health since your mouth is the entryway to your respiratory and digestive tracts. When you ignore caring for your teeth, gums, and tongue your oral cavity is more prone to bad bacteria which can lead to disease.

Three Major Health Conditions Linked to Negative Oral Health

  1. Stroke and Heart Disease – Periodontitis, an infection that damages the soft tissue around your teeth, can increase the chance of getting heart disease. Bacteria and plaque are associated with clogged arteries and could lead to blood flow issues resulting in a stroke.
  2. Pneumonia – Bad bacteria in your mouth can be inhaled or flow into your bloodstream which can lead to pneumonia or other respiratory diseases.
  3. Dementia – Poor oral health can lead to gingivitis and increases your chance of getting severely blocked brain arteries that can affect your memory function.

Avoiding your dental checkups can have you paying for complicated treatments for both your teeth and body. Regular visits to an affordable dentist in Calgary can help you avoid future oral health problems.

How Dental Checkups Create Affordable Dental, Saving You Money

Dental checkups are all about prevention. Your dentist can discover early signs of oral health problems and offer solutions before they become expensive complications.

Early Signs of Gum Disease

Gingivitis is the initial stage of gum disease. When left untreated it can lead to periodontitis and cause your gums to recede. Loss of tissue and eventually loss of bone is a result of severe cases of periodontitis. Visiting your dentist regularly will help avoid this situation. Catching the early signs of gum disease can prevent tooth loss and related issues. Regular cleanings can make any dentist a cheap dentist in Calgary and proper oral hygiene removes plaque and tartar that cause gum disease. Your dental hygienist can floss and brush in all those hard-to-reach spots that may be difficult to get to on your own.

Oral Cancer Check

Every time you go to the dental office for a regular checkup your dentist checks your mouth for signs of oral cancer. Physical changes inside your mouth can show up unexpectedly and you may not be able to see them with your naked eye. The dentist uses special equipment to zoom in on your neck, throat, mouth, and oral tissues, making sure everything looks normal. If there is a sign of oral cancer your dentist will recommend treatment options. Early detection can mean the difference between a problem and a life-threatening concern.

Polished Teeth

If you drink a lot of coffee and tea you may notice some discolouring on your teeth. Dark spots on your teeth can lead to self-confidence issues. Regular dental cleanings with the special substance of prophylaxis paste for the polishing of your teeth helps remove surface discoloration. After this, your teeth can shine, causing you to shine with confidence.

A close-up of someone's mouth. They're at the dentist, and gloved hands can be seen holding tools inside their mouth.

Oral Health Routines to Remember for Positive Health

Besides going to the dentist, you can help yourself by practicing good oral health at home. These routines are easy to accomplish.


The way to get a low-cost dentist in Calgary is by booking regular dental checkups. A healthy mouth will save you time and money. When you visit Glenbrook Dental, you get quality, affordable dental services to help keep you and your family’s oral health in tip-top shape. Visit us to get information for your specific needs.

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