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Why Pediatric Dentistry is Important for Children’s Oral Health

Taking care of your oral health is important at any age.
Start your children with pediatric dentistry visits as early as
the age of one or when their first tooth erupts.

Taking care of your oral health is important at any age. Start your children with pediatric dentist Calgary visits as early as the age of one or when their first tooth erupts, whichever happens first. When your child’s teeth and gums are looked after throughout their life there is less chance of developing issues. Starting your little one on a great dental path early helps prevent tooth loss, gingivitis, and periodontitis.

Why See a Calgary Pediatric Dentist Instead of a Regular Dentist?

There is nothing wrong with taking your child to a regular dentist however there are benefits to choosing a pediatric dentist. Both types of dentists are knowledgeable about oral healthcare, but a pediatric dentist focuses on the specific needs of children. Pediatric dentistry is one of the nine specialties recognized by the Canadian Dental Association. Your pediatric dentist has completed advanced training and education in this field.

  • More Comfortable – Your Child will feel more at ease in a pediatric dental office. Often the atmosphere incorporates colour, books and games that cater to a younger age group. This can help calm your child’s nerves before sitting in the dental chair. A relaxed patient makes it easier for the dentist to perform treatments.
  • Specific Knowledge – Since a pediatric dentist specializes in taking care of children’s teeth, they have extended knowledge of your little ones’ tooth development and can help teach you how to care for their baby teeth.
  • Tools for the Job – The tools a pediatric dentist in Calgary uses will be a perfect fit for your child’s small mouth. This makes dental treatments more comfortable.

Benefits of Visiting Your Google Search for “Pediatric Dentist Calgary”

Preventative Treatment

Even if your infant’s oral health is in good shape, visiting a pediatric dentist will help keep it this way. Regular dental checkups and education on how to maintain healthy gums and teeth lessen the chances of oral health problems. Early detection of cavities, tooth alignment, and poor habits are discovered during a visit to the pediatric dentist. Catching irregularities during an appointment means less money spent on more serious treatments later.

Education for the Parent

Taking your child to the pediatric dentist keeps you updated on how to care for their teeth and gums. Your dentist will bring to light many things you may have been unaware of. Using a soft cloth in a circular motion when wiping your baby’s teeth and gums is often something your pediatric dentist will recommend.

Oral Health Values

When you take your child to the dentist at a young age, they learn the importance of caring for their teeth. This knowledge along with regular dental appointments will keep them visiting the dentist as they get older.

Bad Habit Breaker

When a child visits the dentist it can steer them in the right direction for good oral health. Bad habits are easier to break when caught early on. Thumb sucking and using a pacifier past two years old can create dental problems. These can cause overbite or crossbite which require several visits with an orthodontist to correct.

Common Oral Health Concerns to Watch for with Your Child

Children are more likely to have oral health problems since their teeth are still moving around and being formed. This unstable space for development can wreak havoc such as cavities, tooth decay, and tooth loss. Preventing problems before they arrive is a good reason to take your child to a pediatric dentist.


Foods that are high in acid such as sugar and starch can cause decay. Your little one might love their treats, but it is important to help them by providing a healthy diet to avoid cavities. When cavities are ignored, it could result in the loss of a tooth or damage to the permanent set of teeth.

Tooth Decay

Deteriorating teeth can happen because of improper brushing and flossing. Make sure your child brushes twice a day and flosses once daily to avoid this from occurring. Damage from decay can result in oral instability. Removal of an extremely rotted tooth may be the only option.

Tooth Extraction

Children love to play sports but without a mouthguard for teeth protection your child is at higher risk of losing their teeth. A possible impact to the ground or with another player can cause cracks, chips, or loss of a tooth altogether. A broken tooth may need to be extracted to prevent further issues.

There are many treatment plans available for your child but regular pediatric dental visits are key to preventing dental disaster.

Lifelong Oral Health Habits

Your internet search for “pediatric dentist Calgary” is the starting point to helping your little one maintain a healthy mouth. You can visit us at Glenbrook Dental today or book an appointment to get on the path of a healthy habit-forming journey.