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Prevent, Protect, Preserve: The Three Pillars of Dental Wellness

Unlock SW Calgary’s dental secrets: sealants, hygienists, and therapeutic Botox for a radiant smile.

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Oral health is connected to your overall health. To keep your body healthy you need to prevent, protect, and preserve your natural teeth. Here are some important things that aid in dental wellness:

  • Bi-annual dental appointments
  • Dental sealants in SW Calgary
  • Therapeutic Botox in SW Calgary
  • Wearing mouthguards

Avoiding problems means taking care of your gums and teeth at home and visiting your dentist and dental hygienist in SW Calgary regularly.

Prevent an Unhealthy Mouth

There are three important steps to help prevent a negative oral health situation.

1. Visiting the Dentist – Regular check-ups and cleanings at least twice a year are crucial for your oral health. Your dentist is trained to recognize problems and offer treatments that fix them before they become a larger issue. Specialized tools with microscopic viewing abilities and X-rays allow your dentist to see beyond the surface layer of enamel. The hygienist can provide you with a deep cleaning to remove built-up plaque and tartar. Eliminating bacteria that cause cavities can also prevent the onset of gingivitis and periodontitis.  

2. Regular Upkeep – Taking care of your mouth is something you should do every day including twice daily brushing and once a day flossing. An electric toothbrush with rotating bristles can provide a more effective cleaning. Flossing helps remove food particles that brushing alone cannot.  This routine also keeps your breath fresh and who doesn’t want this!?

3. Healthy Eating – You are what you eat is true. Feed your body with ingredients that benefit your health. Calcium-rich foods like kale and yogurt help build strong bones and teeth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots help clean your pearly whites.

Each of these preventative measures can make a difference between needing further dental help or not.

Protect Yourself

Prevention is the first step to staying healthy, but protection is an additional step to keep you from encountering dental issues. Here are three important ways to protect yourself from cavities, pain, and tooth loss or damage.

1. Dental Sealants in SW Calgary – Dental sealants are a thin dental coating applied to premolars and molars. This covering protects your chewing surfaces from bacteria and food particles entering. This treatment is great for children who may have a tough time brushing all the grooves in their teeth. You can even have dental sealants as an adult for an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

2. Therapeutic Botox – Botox can be injected into specific facial muscles to help relieve pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). This non-surgical option can be provided by your dentist. Botox also helps relax your jaw muscles that tighten because of Bruxism. The treatment can cut down on the intensity and frequency of this bad habit. Your quality of life can greatly improve with Therapeutic Botox.

3. Mouthguards – Whether you play sports or grind your teeth, a mouthguard is a good idea. Your dentist will custom fit a mouthguard for the shape and size of your mouth, so it works properly and feels comfortable. This will help keep you from grinding away your enamel and can protect your teeth from popping out during impact while playing sports.

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Preserve Your Health

Prevention and protection go hand in hand to preserve your health. The following actions are crucial for a healthy mouth and body:

1. Regular Dental Visits – Just because you have a gleaming bill of health during your first visit to the dentist does not mean it will stay this way. Having your dentist check your mouth for issues at least twice a year can help eliminate major problems.  If something of concern is discovered during your dental visit or a regular hygiene appointment, you will have the peace of mind that it will be taken care of. Routine exams can detect early stages of cancer, an abscess, or gum disease.  

2. Take Care of Your Teeth at Home – Routine brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash will help keep bacteria away. Your dental visits will likely be less lengthy when your mouth is in good shape to begin with.

3. Hydration – Hydrating is key to promoting saliva production to help clear away residue. Avoiding dehydration keeps you from feeling tired and allows you to have the energy you need throughout the day.

Staying Healthy

Every pillar of dental wellness is a step to maintaining a healthy body and smile. At Glenbrook Dental, we know that dental sealants in SW Calgary can prevent spending excess time in the dentist’s chair. Ask us about any dental service you are curious about, and we will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need. We are here to give you that confident smile you have been wanting!