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Wisdom Teeth Removal for Teens: What Parents Need to Know

Discover key insights for parents on wisdom teeth removal for teens.

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Wisdom teeth are an extra set of back molars which used to be needed for chewing through food. With modern-day cooking, we no longer need these teeth to gnaw through our meals and they usually just end up complicating our oral situation. This is why your dentist offers SW Calgary wisdom teeth extraction. Removal of these teeth alleviates the pain and discomfort often experienced as they are trying to poke their way through your gums.

Ways Wisdom Teeth Cause Problems

If you notice any of these problems with your teen, then you should visit a dentist.  It may be time for SW Calgary wisdom teeth removal.

  • Crowding – These extra molars often grow in at awkward angles due to little or no room in a mouth already full of permanent teeth. This can cause misalignment with other teeth as the molars budge their way in. Wisdom teeth growing in crowded spaces can lend themselves to bite issues.
  • Impacted – Wisdom teeth may become trapped beneath the gums because there is no space to come out. This can lead to swelling and pain, often ending up in an infection.
  • Hard to Clean – If wisdom teeth do come through the gums, they can be difficult to clean since they reside so far at the back of the mouth. It is easier to miss these teeth when brushing and flossing regularly, which leads to cavities.
  • Damaged Teeth, Bones, and Nerves – In the rare case that wisdom teeth lead to cysts or tumours in the jawbone they can end up causing significant damage. This damage shows itself within the teeth, bones, and nerves. This can even make the simple act of opening and closing your mouth a painful experience.

What Are the Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Help inform your teenager of the many benefits of wisdom teeth removal, so they are less scared and more prepared for the treatment.

  • Prevent Infection
  • Alleviate pain
  • Prevent the need for further oral procedures
  • Solves issues with bad breath
  • Help avoid damage to other teeth
  • Improves overall oral health
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What Happens During a Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Talking through the process of a SW Calgary wisdom teeth extraction at your dentist can help your teenager feel even more comfortable.

  • Step 1: Anesthetic – The area being worked on will be numbed with a local anesthetic. This will help your teenager feel more relaxed.
  • Step 2: Extraction – A small incision is made into the gums if the tooth is still hiding under there. A tiny piece of bone from the tooth may also be removed and the tooth can be cut into pieces, making it easier for the dentist to remove  

This procedure takes about half an hour or so, depending on if your teen is getting one or all wisdom teeth taken out.

Post-Procedure Care

Help your child through the recovery process by ensuring they follow the instructions provided by the dentist.

Here are the things to avoid 24 hours after treatment:

  • Drinking hot or cold liquid since this can irritate the sensitive area 
  • Rinsing their mouth since it could cause dry socket which is extremely painful and requires emergency dental
  • Smoking and drinking which lead to infection of the socket
  • Strenuous activity which can cause the blood clot to come out and end up in dry socket

Any problems mean a return visit to the dentist is warranted.

Why Choose Glenbrook Dental for Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

At Glenbrook Dental, we personalize your treatment because every oral health need is different. At our dental office, we use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the most comfortable, detailed, and quick procedures. Every one of our dental professionals is dedicated to your happiness and comfort before, during, and after treatments.  Having a dentist that you can rely on is important, so your health is taken care of properly. SW Calgary wisdom teeth extraction will allow your teen to feel relief from the pain and pressure caused by these molars.