5 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

When that constant pain inside your mouth refuses to go away it may be time for a dentist appointment.
A man holding a cloth to his jaw and wincing in pain. He's in pain because he requires a root canal.

When that constant pain inside your mouth refuses to go away it may be time for a dentist appointment. Popping a couple of doses of ibuprofen may give you some temporary relief but you need to figure out where your pain is coming from and how to correct it. Some signs signify that you have an infection in the root of your tooth, and these should not be ignored. You may need SW Calgary root canal therapy to prevent the problem from getting worse.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure where the dentist cleans out infected material from the root of your tooth. This is a common procedure to take away the pain you are experiencing because of the infected pulp of your tooth. The pulp is the centre of your tooth where blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues reside.

A dental mirror and a tooth sitting on a yellow surface.

5 Main Signs You Likely Need a Root Canal

  1. Sensitivity – If your teeth are sensitive to heat, cold, or pressure, this is a telltale sign that you need a root canal. Sensitivity can happen when you are drinking an extremely hot beverage or consuming some ice cream, but if you experience it for a long period or while eating soft food this indicates a problem.
  2. Swelling – Swollen gums may just be happening because your teeth need a good cleaning, but it could also be caused by an infected tooth. If you notice any sort of liquid oozing from your gums, it is a sign of infection. SW Calgary root canal therapy cleans your tooth from the inside which will make the swelling disappear and prevent further damage.
  3. Discoloured Tooth – Your tooth might not survive much longer if it has turned brown or yellow even after a professional dental cleaning. The discolouration is cause for concern, so it is important to get to a dentist to give your tooth as much chance of survival as possible. A healthy tooth should be white.
  4. Cracked Tooth – Though the outside of your tooth is strong, it can sustain cracks due to aging or trauma. If you notice your tooth has an unnatural appearance it could mean the enamel is damaged. Cracks make it easier for bacteria to enter the tooth causing infection and discomfort. An endodontist can provide you with options to help prevent tooth loss.
  5. Pain – If the simple act of touching your tooth is causing extreme pain, then you likely need a root canal. When the pulp inside a tooth starts dying it causes pain due to loss of blood to the connecting tissues. Other indications of a dying tooth are bad breath or a foul taste in your mouth. A dentist can offer treatments to prevent further issues or loss of the tooth entirely.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

You will feel more at ease before getting a root canal by knowing what happens during this treatment.

  • Step 1: A local anesthetic is used to numb the area so a small hole can be drilled down to the pulp and root canals.
  • Step 2: Your dentist will remove diseased tissue and disinfect the root canals and pulp with an antibacterial solution.
  • Step 3: Your tooth is reshaped to match the rest of your teeth and filled to prevent the gap from becoming infected again.
  • Step 4: A temporary crown will be placed on your tooth then in a couple of weeks you will have a proper crown placed on this tooth.

Root canals have high success rates and usually take one or two appointments to complete.

Rooted in Safety

When you are looking at root canal cost in Calgary’s SW you will be happy to know this treatment can be partially covered with the aid of insurance. The benefits always outweigh the cost. Protecting your teeth from further infection is the goal of a root canal. This common procedure will eliminate complications that can arise due to a rotting tooth. Peace of mind comes with keeping your teeth and gums safe.

An x-ray lets your dentist know what the exact issue is with your teeth. Pain and discolouration may be cause for a root canal, but a full oral exam will provide insight into the health of your mouth. Regular visits to the dentist help identify small issues before they become big problems. SW Calgary root canal therapy can make a difference between losing a tooth and repairing the one you have. At Glenbrook Dental, we are here to keep giving you a reason to smile.

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