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Common Dental Emergencies and What to Do About Them

What was that cracking noise coming from your mouth?

What was that cracking noise coming from your mouth? Something is wrong with your teeth, and you need emergency dental in Calgary’s SW. Losing a tooth is not an option so getting to a dentist is a priority.

Why is it crucial to take care of your teeth in a dental emergency? Immediate dental treatment will help reduce your pain while limiting your risk of infection.

What is Emergency Dental?

A dental emergency is an oral situation that causes you extreme pain or sensitivity and needs attention in 24-72 hours. There are many levels of dental emergencies that require assistance immediately. So, how do you know which situations call for treatment right away or if you can wait a few days to fix the problem? Contacting your dentist to discuss the problem you are experiencing will let you know whether you need emergency treatment.

How to Avoid Dental Emergencies

Avoid situations that could lead to a negative dental situation. Here are three preventative measures to protect your teeth and gums.

  • Keep Up a Great Oral Care Routine – Brushing and flossing your teeth removes food particles that cause plaque and tartar to build up. These regular routines help you avoid cavities while steering clear of more serious dental issues like periodontitis. When you have strong, healthy teeth and gums, you are less likely to have a dental incident just as when your body is healthy, you are less likely to get sick.
  • Wear A Mouthguard – Playing sports can be brutal on your teeth. If you fall, you risk landing on your face and cracking or breaking some teeth. Wearing a mouthguard can help protect your teeth and gums from moving objects such as balls, hockey pucks or other sports equipment. Your mouthguard can mean the difference between a swollen lip or losing a few teeth.
  • Avoid Chewing Extremely Hard Foods – Gnawing down on a jawbreaker may not be the best idea. Chewing on ice and your favourite crunchy treats can easily crack your teeth. Try to avoid hard foods and opt for something softer on your teeth like gummy bears or a healthy piece of fruit.

Common Dental Emergencies and Ways to Help Yourself Before You Visit the Dentist

Sometimes you need emergency dental in YYC but before you visit the dentist you can do several things to help yourself. Here are some things you can do to prevent common dental emergencies from getting worse before you reach the dentist.

Knocked Out Tooth

Somewhere in the middle of the soccer game, your tooth got knocked out. It is lying in the middle of the field. When a tooth comes out of your mouth you should pick it up by the crown and rinse the root with water. Putting the tooth back into its socket may be an option but be careful if you choose to try this. To help save your tooth it can be placed in milk or water with a bit of salt. This helps preserve it before you can get to the dentist. You will need to try and get to the dentist within an hour to have the possibility of saving the tooth.


Do you feel a hard, swollen area under your gums? You might see yellow or white pus oozing out from your gums. These are signs of an abscess, an infection in the space between your gums and teeth or in your tooth’s root. An abscess can be very painful. To help alleviate the pain you can rinse the area with salt water. Your dentist may drain the area off to relieve the pressure and write a prescription to fight off the nasty infection. After the infection has subsided, your dentist will be able to determine the next course of action.

Lost Crown

When a crown falls off your tooth is left without a shield protecting it from infection, further damage, and sensitivity. As soon as you notice your crown is missing you can place a small amount of clove oil on the area to ease any pain you may feel. Your dentist will take care of the rest by replacing the crown with a new one.

Thanks to your search for “emergency dental Calgary SW” you will be able to get dental help in an emergency and resolve your oral health issue.

In Conclusion…

Take charge of your oral health by brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily and scheduling regular check-ups with your dentist. If you are experiencing any of the mentioned serious issues with your teeth, typing “emergency dental Calgary SW” into your search engine will help you find immediate relief. Glenbrook Dental has emergency dental available when you need it.