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Repairing Your Smile: The Role of Crowns and Bridges

Learn how crowns and bridges restore and enhance your smile.

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Having damaged or missing teeth does not mean you are at the end of the road for dental health. There are ways you can restore the full functionality of your oral cavity. Crowns and bridges can give you the smile you are looking for and bring back your confidence. Keeping your oral health in good shape is essential as studies have shown that a healthy mouth is connected to your overall health. Restorative dental services at Calgary dental clinics offer a variety of treatment options to accommodate your needs.

What is The Difference Between a Crown and a Bridge?

Dental Crowns

When you have a severely damaged tooth, a hollow cover, known as a dental crown, is placed over it. It can be made from metal, porcelain, or resin and helps protect the function and appearance of your tooth.

Dental Bridges

A bridge is made from porcelain, metal, or ceramic. As the name implies, it bridges the gap between spaces of 1 or more missing teeth. You will be fitted with a crown or implants on either side of several missing teeth that the bridge attaches to. This treatment can be constructed to be removable or permanent.

How Do You Know If You Need a Crown or Bridge?

Here are a few indicators for needing one of these restorative treatments.

When You May Need a Dental Crown

  • Large cracks or cavities that can’t be filled
  • Extremely worn or fractured teeth
  • After root canal therapy for structural support
  • Replacement for metal fillings

When You May Need a Dental Bridge

  • Missing one or several teeth in a row
  • Preventative measure to keep remaining teeth from shifting
  • Improvement of facial structure
  • A long-term solution

Restorative Dental Assessment

Whether you are getting a crown or bridge, your dentist will assess your situation to know if the treatment is right for you. You need:

  • Healthy Teeth and Bone – They should be strong enough to hold reinforcements in place
  • Enough Left Over – There needs to be enough remaining tooth in place for placement of a crown to ensure reinforcement.
  • Choice – Your dentist will recommend the option that works for your situation, but you may also be able to decide between a crown or bridge depending on your comfort level, how many teeth you have left, and whether you want implants.
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Are There Options for a Crown or Bridge?

A dental crown in SW Calgary can be made from gold or tooth-coloured ceramic. The three main types of dental bridges range from removable to permanently attached. Your dentist will let you know which one is recommended for your needs.

1. Traditional Bridge – The most traditional type of bridge, this is connected by two crowns on either side of your gapped tooth.

2. Cantilever Bridge – This is used when you only have one natural tooth on either side of the gap. It is anchored to a crown.

3. Maryland Bonded or Resin-Bonded Bridge – Used when you have teeth missing in the front of your mouth, this kind of bridge has a winged extension. This portion is bonded to the teeth on either side.

Calgary Dental Clinics – Cost for the Work

To prevent further dental issues, it is recommended to visit the dentist so you can benefit from these types of treatments. Taking care of your oral health now can help you avoid costly procedures in the future.  Material and sedation methods determine the price of your treatment so you will need to speak with your dentist about the specific options for your situation. Generally, crowns take less time and are often less costly than a bridge.

Anesthesia for a Dental Crown or Bridge

Both these treatments require anesthesia. This is for your utmost comfort and can help with dental anxiety. The area will be numbed with local anesthesia, or you may be offered conscious sedation. This is when you feel drowsy but are still awake during the procedure.

It is imperative that you speak with your dentist about any medical concerns you may have before treatment. Let them know about medication you are currently taking, to avoid any interference with the sedation.

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